Our local company, founded in 2014 in Rennes in Brittany and labeled “Qualité Tourisme”, is now present throughout the great west of France with three private driver agencies, in Rennes, Nantes and Saint-Malo. Specialized in the field of high-end and personalized transport, Breizhcab Limousine has become the privileged partner for the organization and realization of tailor-made trips on behalf of the most demanding customers, the most beautiful hotels in the region, large industrial groups, the best travel agencies and public services.



Our operational team, Julien (administrative manager), Jérémy (operations manager) and Pierre (head of the car fleet and drivers), is at your disposal to welcome you, advise you and accompany you in the preparation and smooth running of your trips and trips aboard our vehicles.

“To serve your customers well, it is first of all essential to know and understand them well. Our team, over the years, has learned to understand, decipher, analyze and make a force of proposal in the execution of its missions. Breizhcab Limousine through its experience in the management of small and very large events, is the ally you need to accompany you in the organization and execution of your trips, in Brittany, France or wherever the road can take us. The loyalty and recognition of our customers to our team for the services we provide them, is our spearhead and our only motivation.”

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Our job as a driver is above all a vocation.

This passion that drives us every day pushes us to make the simple notion of service an excellence at all times. We connect our discerning passengers with the communities in which they live, the teams they work with or to these little corners of paradise conducive to rest and discover other worlds.

From your first contact to the drop-off of our customers, our entire team accompanies you in the development and management of your trips, alone or in a group.

Our friendly and professional drivers will take you in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, aboard luxury vehicles.



In 2014, Julien Guillossou and Jérémy Jovenet created the company Breizhcab to pool their know-how and expertise in the field of transport for passengers in Rennes, Brittany.

The small artisanal structure has grown rapidly and is now located in Rennes, Nantes and Saint-Malo. Our growing expertise and the acquisition of high-performance management tools allows us to guarantee you an irreproachable quality of service.

In 2018, Breizhcab became Breizhcab Limousine making the choice out of desire and conviction to provide an even better and ever more exclusive quality of service.

That same year, we were appointed ambassadors of the Brittany Brand for our involvement in the local economic fabric and for the quality of service and hospitality that we share with the values of our region.

This natural evolution and this almost obsessive search for high-end service have allowed Breizhcab Limousine to obtain in 2019 the “Quality Tourism” label reserved for the most demanding professionals and offering their French and foreign customers high quality services, under the guarantee of the services of the State.



Since 2014 Breizhcab Limousine has been able to develop to meet the expectations of its customers. Historically established in Rennes in Brittany, our company has chosen to extend its area of influence throughout the great west of France and now has 3 commercial agencies, in Rennes, Nantes and Saint-Malo.

These different operating sites allow us today to be able to meet all the demands for transport by sedan, van, minicar and coach from or to the whole of the great west of France.



Since its beginnings Breizhcab Limousine has been committed to always doing its utmost to contribute to the preservation of our world. If we love so much to make you discover and accompany you in these beautiful places that we cross, it is imperative that we do what is in our power to preserve it.

“Electric cars: it’s a technology we need”

Also, as soon as technology allows us, we use ever cleaner vehicles (hybrids, electric …) and adopt essential rules in terms of economical driving.

Our team of full-time salaried drivers on permanent contracts is trained in these basic rules and ensures the smooth running of our missions with the greatest respect for our environment.

Guaranteeing you cleaner and quieter travel, a quality of travel conducive to work and rest in the respect of the well-being of our teams is and will remain our leitmotive.

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