Our local company was created in 2014 in Rennes, Brittany, and has been awarded the prestigious “Qualité Tourisme” label. Today, we are present throughout the west of France, with three agencies located in Rennes, Nantes and Saint Malo. Breizhcab Limousine specializes in top-of-the-range, personalized transportation, and we have become the preferred partner for organizing and carrying out tailor-made trips for demanding customers. We work closely with the region’s finest hotels, leading industrial companies, top travel agencies and public services. Our reputation is built on our commitment to providing exceptional service to a demanding clientele.



Our operational team, made up of Julien as administrative manager, Jeremy as operations manager, and Charlotte as operations assistant, is entirely dedicated to your satisfaction. We are here to offer you a warm welcome, sound advice and support every step of the way in planning and ensuring the smooth running of your trips and journeys in our vehicles. At Breizhcab Limousine, our experienced team is committed to providing you with personalized service and attentive follow-up, so that your experience with us lives up to your expectations.

In order to provide quality service to our customers, it is essential to know and understand them fully. Over the years, our team has developed expertise in understanding, analyzing and proposing solutions adapted to each assignment. Breizhcab Limousine is the ideal partner to accompany you in the organization and realization of your trips, whether in Brittany, France or wherever your journey takes you. Our customers’ loyalty and recognition of our team are a testament to the quality of the services we offer and our main motivation. As an Operations Assistant, I’m proud to be part of a team that does everything possible to meet our customers’ expectations and offer them an unforgettable experience.

Charlotte FIEL, Operations assistant at Breizhcab Limousine.

Operational team

Jeremy Jovenet - Breizhcab Limousine

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Associate Director
Administrative manager
Charlotte FIEL

Operations assistant
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nos valeurs Breizhcab

Being a driver is more than just a job, it’s a true vocation.

Every day, our passion drives us to transcend the notion of service to achieve excellence at every moment. We act as a link between our discerning passengers and the communities in which they live, the teams with whom they collaborate, and the peaceful havens where they can rest and discover another world.

From the first contact to the final drop-off of our customers, our entire team is there to support you in planning and managing your individual or group trips.

Our friendly, experienced drivers will drive you in a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere in top-of-the-range vehicles. At Breizhcab Limousine, our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional driving experience, where every detail is taken care of to ensure your total satisfaction.



In 2014, Julien Guillossou and Jeremy Jovenet combined their know-how and skills in the transport sector to found Breizhcab in Rennes, Brittany. This modest craft project quickly evolved, and we are now present in Rennes, Nantes and Saint Malo. Our ever-expanding expertise and the use of high-performance management tools enable us to guarantee you impeccable quality of service.

In 2018, our company evolved to become Breizhcab Limousine, driven by the desire and conviction to offer an even better and more exclusive quality of service. In the same year, we were named Ambassadors of Marque Bretagne for our commitment to the local economy and the quality of service and welcome we share with the values of our region.

This natural evolution and our relentless pursuit of excellence in service have enabled us to earn the “Qualité Tourisme” label in 2019, a distinction reserved for the most demanding professionals who offer high-quality services to their French and foreign customers, guaranteed by government services. At Breizhcab Limousine, we are committed to maintaining these high standards to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience.



Since its creation in 2014, Breizhcab Limousine has grown to better serve its customers. Initially based in Rennes in Brittany, our company has decided to expand its presence throughout western France. Today, we are proud to have three sales offices in Rennes, Nantes and Saint Malo.

This strategic expansion enables us to respond effectively to all requests for transport by sedan, van, minibus and coach, to and from any destination in the west of France. Thanks to our multiple operating sites, we are able to offer our customers extensive coverage and quality service tailored to their travel needs.



From the very beginning, we at Breizhcab Limousine have been deeply committed to helping preserve our world. We’d love to take you to beautiful places, but it’s essential that we do our part to preserve them.

“Electric cars: a technology we need”

As soon as technology allows, we use increasingly cleaner vehicles, such as hybrids and electric cars, while adopting economical driving practices.

Our team of drivers, made up of full-time employees on open-ended contracts, is trained in these essential practices and ensures that our missions run smoothly, with the utmost respect for our environment.

Our commitment remains unchanged: to provide you with environmentally-friendly, quiet, quality travel that encourages work and rest, while preserving the well-being of our teams. This is our motto and we are committed to maintaining it.

schéma RSE Breizhcab



At Breizhcab Limousine, we value every interaction with our customers. We listen to your needs and understand that each request is unique.

Whether you contact us by email or phone, our dedicated team is committed to providing you with responsive, personalized service. We believe in transparency and clear communication, which is why we strive to provide detailed quotes within 48 hours of your request, depending on the complexity of your case.

Our quotes are designed to be easy to understand, with a dedicated line for each job, so you know exactly what price corresponds to each service. What’s more, we also include additional costs such as tolls, parking fees and drivers’ fees in our quotes, to eliminate any ambiguity.

At Breizhcab Limousine, we do our utmost to offer you a seamless customer experience with no surprises.

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