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While public transport and taxis are the most widely used means to date for corporate transport, private transport companies (Private drivers) often offer a more qualitative service and implement often more elaborate sanitary measures to ensure the perfect safety of their passengers. Breizhcab Limousine, which offers a transport service in Rennes and Nantes, has also put in place an ambitious maintenance and disinfection protocol for all its vehicles.

How many people sat before you in that seat? How many people could have touched that handle before you? Train, subway, plane, bus: these few questions, you’d appreciate not having to ask yourself.

Since 2014 Breizhcab Limousine has been applying drastic cleanliness and hygiene measures for its private transport to ensure a breast and pleasant travel environment. The drivers have been trained and apply all these necessary gestures every day, which guarantee your comfort and safety.

The benefits of using a local company specializing in private transport by Private driver:

Guaranteed service, even in the event of a train/flight delay,

Personalised home (welcome panel, baggage pick-up),


Road safety (professional drivers, continuing education, selected profiles),

Exchange security (privacy policy),

Cleanliness and disinfection of vehicles,

Professionalism (well-being, business card, experience),

The applicant’s development (company image),

Secure, group and monthly individual billing.

With the advent of the Covid-19, Breizhcab Limousine is strengthening its measures to combat the spread of the virus, and to protect its customers. In this way, it guarantees its customers a safe journey.

The enhanced transport measures undertaken in this period of control against the spread of Covid-19:

Wearing the mandatory and continuous mask for the driver,

– provision of hydro-alcoholic gel in any type of vehicle (car, van and minicar),

Making single-use masks available to passengers,

Cleaning after each customer using new disinfectant products (wipes, sprays),

Application of the rule of physical distance of at least 1 metre,

A fleet of larger vehicles available to support the government’s recommended 1 metre physical distance,

Choose excellence and prefer Breizhcab Limousine for all your corporate transportation.

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