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The VTC is obliged to have:

  • under 6 years of age (excluding collectible vehicles),
  • 4 to 9 seats, including driver,
  • total dimensions out of the range: 4.50m x 1.70m,
  • an engine with a net power of 84 kW or more (approximately 110hp),
  • at least 4 doors.

These conditions do not apply to hybrid or electric cars.

Specific car insurance for the transport of persons for a fee is mandatory.

An annual technical check is required


A VTC cannot take care of a customer if the customer does not justify a prior booking on the part of the customer.

He cannot “maraud” (park, or drive on public roads in search of customers)or be hailed by a customer directly on the street, which is reserved exclusively for taxis.

Exceptionally, a Private Driver may park near a train station or airport while waiting for a customer who has booked it, but only for a maximum of one hour before the scheduled pick-up.

The booking made by the customer must be able to be justified by a booking ticket (on paper or electronic), including the following information:

  • name or name and contact details of the company operating the business
  • customer’s name and contact information
  • date, time and place of customer care
  • booking date and time

At the end of the service, the driver must return to the headquarters of his establishment or park off the roadway (a private car park or a garage for example),unless he justifies another reservation or a contract with another customer.

Important: The absence of advance reservation and marauding are punishable by one year’s imprisonment, a fine of 15,000 euros, and the immobilization of the vehicle for up to 1 year or permanent confiscation.

For individuals, additional penalties can be up to the 5-year suspension of the driver’s licence.


A Private driver cannot be rented instead, a fare must be applied. The price of the race can be flat-rated and determined in advance or calculated at the end of the service based on the travel time and distance travelled.

Prices are free and are not regulated unlike taxis whose fares are set by order.


Each vehicle must display a sign (sticker sticker) Transport Car with Driver, which states:

  • The company’s registration number in the private driver register,
  • Vehicle registration number.

It must be affixed:

  • at the front of the vehicle: in the corner of the front windshield at the bottom left,
  • and at the rear of the vehicle: in the corner of the rear windshield at the bottom right,

This signage is issued by the National Printing House.

While waiting for the final sticker, a temporary sticker is sent by email to the applicant. It should be affixed to the front of the vehicle, in the corner of the front windshield at the bottom left. This will have a maximum validity of 30 days from the sending of the final sticker.

Important: In order to avoid confusion with taxi activity, the use of an outdoor light device is prohibited.


Professional skills

The private driver must:

  • have held a valid B licence for more than 3 years,
  • obtain a certificate of physical fitness issued by the prefect,
  • pass an exam,
  • or have experience as a professional driver of passenger transport, for at least one year in the last 10 years.

Drivers convicted of certain offences (at least 6 months in prison for theft, breach of trust, traffic offences in particular) cannot practise.

Important: as part of the state-owned Quality Tourism brand, the quality label “Transport Car with Driver – Limousine”, created on January 12, 2019, certifies the quality of hospitality and services of companies labelled “Transport Car with Driver to tourist customers”. The criteria for attribution relate to the driver’s know-how and well-being.

The business card

The Private driver must have a business card to carry out the activity.

During transport, the business card must be affixed to the windshield or vehicle with the photograph visible from the outside. It can remove it when it is not active. To obtain it, the request must be sent in writing to the prefect of the department of his home.

The business card has a validity period of five years from the time it is issued.

The driver must return his business card if he ceases his activity.

Continuing education

The Private driver is required to take a 14-hour continuous training course every 5 years at an approved training centre.

The training will focus on the general regulation of transport law and road safety, innovations in managing customer relations and changes in professional practices.

At the end of the internship, a certificate from the training organization will be given to the driver.

Registration in the private driver register

Registration on the private driver register is mandatory to operate as a Private driver operator.

Registration must be renewed every 5 years.

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